Is Germany’s Economy In Crisis? Factory Orders Decrease 1.3% In November

Economy Crisis – Is Germany’s Economy In Crisis? Factory Orders Decrease 1.3% In November

Economy Crisis in Germany?

That Question is interesting for nearly everybody and not only jobseekers in Germany. Thats because the world economy ist tighten together in the global market. Smal changes or Interrupts can cause global damages even in the local markets.

Economy Crisis? Hard to say !

Hard to say at the moment. But different signs are already changing to red especially when you look around the US, China and the rest of Europe. On the other hand germany is still one of the strongest economies in europe. But it is clear that the developement of the key industries such as the automobile sector will be very challenging for Germany and europe to avoid a economy Crisis because they are so big in germany. We will see if also the digitalization will bring more positive than negative effects in the future. See also this article on the yourjobingermany blog: .

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Find here a bit of text from the original article:

German factory orders decreased 1.3% in November over the previous month, the German Economy Ministry said Wednesday. Lower demand is one of the main reasons for the decrease, with factory orders from Eurozone countries dropping 3.3% and a 2.8% decline in factory orders from countries outside of the Eurozone.

“All in all, there are no signs at all of a bottoming out for German industry,” ING Germany economist Carsten Brzeski said. “Instead, the free fall continues.”

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